We’re tech lifesavers, red speedo’s and all…

Nel Bredenkamp - Amped Power House Manager

Q: Tell us about the service

It’s a custom built events trailer that activates at events and festivals. It has rows and rows of USB ports with the capacity to recharge 1400 phones, GPS’s, camera’s, GoPros, HR monitors and all rechargeable tech.

Q: Which events have you been to?

We’ve been annually to the big mountain bike races; Absa Cape Epic, Old Mutual Joberg2C, KAP Sani2C, FNB Wines 2 Whales. We’ve also charged festivals (MMC), concerts (Synergy) and exhibitions (Green Building Council).

Q: Is there demand?

Everyone loves their phones and other tech. The headache comes when you’re away from home/office and have to hunt for a wall plug and cable to recharge dying batteries. The Power House is a lifesaver in these circumstances.

Q: Tell us more about the model

There are 2 models. Option 1: Event organisers and/or sponsors purchase Amped chargers for their participants/clients. Amped then provides the Power House as a complimentary service to keep everyone charged for the duration of the event. Option 2 is a simple rental model to have the Power House activate at events.

Q: What’s in it for the organiser?

We’re often the most loved service at events with a ton of goodwill. Branding presence, email address collection, experiential marketing, giveaways, value-add are all part of the activation.

 – Nel Bredenkamp, Amped Power House Manager