Repair Form

We’re sorry to hear that there is an issue with your amped charger. We are dedicated to our after sales service and support and want you to get you back in charge as soon as possible.

For all amped repairs the following guidelines strictly apply:

LESS than 1 year – Amped will cover the cost of the repair/replacement (Stealth 6.1 / Avid X Black)
OLDER than 1 year – Amped will quote on repair or discounted replacement* (Carbons, Avid X Allum)

*if the charger is unrepairable, we will offer a 25% product discount coupon for online purchase of a replacement charger.

Delivery and collection details:

Just like any retailer, we ask you to courier/deliver the amped charger to the Amped Lab here in Cape Town. Once we have repaired or replaced the Amped charger we will notify you for the collection of the device.

Delivery Address
Amped Lab: Att Rob – Studio 108, Palmyra Junction, Palmyra Road, Cape Town, 8800.

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