A little power goes a long, long way at the untamed African mountain bike race.

Amped power is the newly launched recharge service and portable power device provider to the riders, supporters and crew of the Absa Cape Epic. All tech and gadgets for the race need constant recharging to get through the 174 hours of this significant event, so this slick new device and sponsored charge service will keep all devices powered right through from start to finish. The Absa Cape Epic branded Carbon is a limited edition portable charger (see the open box movie**) and is available online for purchase at www.amped.co.za for the event deal R635 including the recharge service. Carbon 5 stocks are limited (and we are not just saying this) so make sure you get your order in for the Amped Carbon with the logo of all logos.The Amped Carbon will charge your smart phone, Go-Pro, Garmin and other USB devices.  Its a light and ergonomically designed portable battery pack with built in cables. There is no option on event to leave phones and other devices at a charging station, all devices are now charged with an Amped Carbon wherever and whenever you like. Bring the devices respective cables and we will keep them powered up and in charge.

When the Carbon itself runs low, which is roughly after 3 full charges of an iPhone, hand it in to the Amped Power House at every stage in the Race Village (see the movie*) and we will reload it with power while you ride or sleep.

Register for the Amped power house charging service and collect your Amped Carbon at rider registration at the V&A on the 22nd of March.

Take charge. Get amped.

*power house movie link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it6Ic6b6OUc

** carbon open box movie – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8fdJEtAzuk


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