If you are not Amped at the Absa Cape Epic you won’t be stoked


If you are not Amped at the Absa Cape Epic you won't be stoked

The Epic demands a huge amount of energy; not only for your body and mind but also for your tech, which tracks your performance, keeps you connected and helps you to the finish.

If you’re like Philip Buys you’ll be on your bike for just over 30hrs, or if you’re like Cordell Buys you’ll be slogging it out for 59+hrs. Either way, when you’re out there you’ll want to know distance, time, HR and elevation. Food, energy drinks and gels will give your body the energy it needs to keep peddling, but your phone, heart rate monitor and GPS (+iPad, music, camera, etc.) are hungry for electrical energy. Over the 8 days you’ll need to keep this tech constantly charged to keep you on your mission and in contact with close family, friends and colleagues.

For the thousands of riders, crew, sponsors and spectators there are no individually allocated power points in the race villages. To cater for this need, Amped offers an essential recharge service using their cutting edge lithium polymer power solution. Riders, crew, sponsors and spectators can purchase their Amped Carbon 6.1 before the race. The Amped Carbon 6.1 is a powerful portable battery that has the capacity to recharge all of your tech wherever and whenever you need without having to leave it behind at a wall plug. This gives you the freedom to catch up on email while recharging your phone at your post ride massage, or after the race on the long-haul flight back home.

The other good news (you’ll be stoked to know) is that Amped is again sponsoring the free RE-LOAD service on event. This allows you to re-load your Carbons as and when required through the duration of the race, in your personal charge slot in the Amped Power House. The Power House has the capacity to re-load over 1 200 Carbons a day, and because we run off grid, you’ll never be without power, even if Eskom decides to shed more load. The Power House will be conveniently stationed within the race village and our “ampedbassadors” will be open from 6am till 9pm to check-in/out your Carbon.

If you require additional information, please email – details@amped.co.za

Click here to order your Carbon 6.1.

Note: There are a limited number of special edition Absa Cape Epic branded Carbons available, for collection at rider registration on 14 March at the V&A.