Amped chooses Li-Polymer for all the right reasons.

amped is a lifehack


At the Amped R&D department we are strictly intentional, focused and will continue to make decisions regarding our choice of technology for three significant reasons.

Weight, power and design format. 

There are literally thousands of different kinds, sizes, shapes and weights of portable chargers out there. Inside each one there is the critical battery cell and all chargers use varying qualities of battery cell. The Li-polymer battery cells are gelled electrolytes that become the catalyst to enhance the electrical conductivity of the battery and this offers slightly higher specific energy.

Li-polymer comes in a flexible foil-type “case” (polymer laminate or pouch cell). While a standard Li-ion battery needs a rigid case to press the electrodes together, Li-polymer uses laminated sheets that do not need compression. The foil-type enclosure reduces the weight by more than 20% over the classic hard shell (Li-on). Furthermore, thin film technology “liberates” the format design and therefore the battery can be made into smaller shapes. All these benefits mean that Amped chargers are thinner, lighter and can output much more power than Li-ion.