Avid X - 10 000mAh 1
Avid X – 10 000mAh


There have been many reasons why we did not jump at the opportunity to rush out and bring in a large capacity charger.

The need to charge an iPad has been the most common request, but we simply did not see the practicality in having a brick of a charger to do this job. Most large +10 000mAh chargers on the market are heavy and large in size and hardly portable.

The new Avid X is only 196grams and really small and compact (63mm x 100mm x 20mm) for such a large capacity charger. The unique design with aluminium body and rounded corners makes the charger impressive competitor.

The other issue with large capacity chargers is that they take so long to reload. With the Avid X it will reload using a 2Amp wall plug in just 4hrs. Our test on charge cycles for an iPhone 6 is 5x (from 20% to full) and it will reload an iPad mini in 4.30hrs (from 10%).

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