What is the REAL CAPACITY of your power bank?

The difference between branded power banks and generic power banks. 

Amped branded power banks specify the milliamps per hour (mAh) of the portable chargers in REAL CAPACITY values. We have gone to great lengths to test and ensure that our devices are specified with “real capacity values”.

Generic power banks are mostly specified with a MARKING CAPACITY. In other words the real output power of the power bank does not match the stated capacity after charging a device. What this means in practice is a 6 000mAh power bank technically would charge an iPhone four times, but it simply doesn’t.

This is the reason you will not see branded power banks with an output capacity of between 30 000mAh – 50 000mAh. And, that’s the reason why a good 12 000-13 000mAh branded power bank is able to charge more or similar to a generic power bank with the capacity of 30 000 – 50 000mAh.

Therefore REAL CAPACITY is measured more accurately and relative to how many times the power bank charges the device, taking into account the quality of the battery supplier, the type of battery (Li-on or Lithium Polymer) and the efficiency rate (how much battery power is lost in the charge process).

Its the same old story “goed koep is deur koep” (you get what you pay for).

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