When will Amped go solar?

We have asked this question many times of ourselves. Why, when we passionately believe in the sustainable use of energy sources, do we not offer a solar charger? The question is even more intriguing given that our first test charger was a solar product brought in from America.

The mobile charging industry has a bad reputation. Thousands of cheap products are flooding into South Africa each year, used for corporate gifting, freebies and competitions. For many of us, this is our first interaction with power banks, and the sad reality is that we’re left with a bitter taste in our mouths with the products over-promising, under-delivering and being grossly unreliable.

Given this poor public sentiment towards mobile charging, we are unwavering with our own Amped Standard. Reliability, quality and dependability are fundamental to our products. To cut through the industries bad reputation, we place our highest priority on simply and correctly doing one thing, exceeding expectation.

Coming back to the question of solar chargers, our research has repeatedly found that real world results do not meet product specification promises. We’ve also heard how often customers are disappointed with the capacity that they get from solar devices. And we are not surprised. Our tests have consistently shown these poor results.

Until solar technology meets our expectations, we will follow our conviction in placing reliability over hype to provide you, the user, the best possible experience. Watch this space as we do have products being tested and we’ll keep testing until we are satisfied.

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