Why Amped? 1
Why Amped?

There are essential criteria for a portable charger to be an effective accessory:

Portability (convenience and weight):
– to be portable it can’t weigh much more than your phone (note – lithium ion is heavy)
– to be portable it should not be much thicker and larger than your phone (note – lithium ion is thicker)

Battery Power (energy and capacity):
– to be powerful enough to fully charge (1x from 10% through to 100%) any smart phone the real capacity should more than 2300mAh
– to be powerful enough to fully charge (2x from 10% through to 100%) the real capacity should be more than 5500mAh

Smart PCB (brains and reliability):
– to effectively harness and output the power stored in the battery the PCB has include certain components to make it smart
– the larger and better designed PCB (brains) the more effective the device is
– the brains of the charger keep it from discharging the stored power
– the brains of the charger means it charges the device in stages and switches off
– the brains of a charger means it delivers

Power Output and Input (strength and braun):
– the PCB also charges at a rate and either that is a high rate (2A) or a weak rate (1A)
– the PCB controls how fast the charge itself gets re-loaded and either its a fast charge (2A) or a slow rate (1A)

Design (styling and experience):
– quality materials (smooth or tactile) make the product feel and look good
– design of the shape (thin and rounded) makes the product attractive
– it cant only look good but it has to function properly with all the right ports and cables

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